We plan and build industrial-scale solar farms across Finland.

Preparations for the Lapua solar farm have started

EPV’s first industrial-scale solar farm will be built on the former peat production area of Heinineva in Lapua. When completed, the farm will be one of the largest in Finland – with an annual production of more than 90 gigawatt hours (GWh), it will increase EPV’s renewable electricity production approximately by 6%. The project is an excellent contribution to the Group’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.

We use the forecasting models developed at our Alavus solar power measuring station in planning the solar farm.

Preparations for the solar farm started in 2022, and in December of the same year the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment awarded the project a EUR 12 million investment aid from the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF).

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Lapua solar farm's key figures

Size: 140 ha
Total output: 100 MWp (megawatt peak)
Number of panels: approx. 140 000
Panel output: approx. 700 Wp (watt peak)
The farm’s average yield during its life cycle: over 90 GWh (gigawatt hour)
Length of panel racks: approx. 100 km

1,000 megawatts of solar power under planning

EPV owns a large amount of land suitable for solar power, and we are currently licensing our old peat production sites. We are choosing land areas that do not require reclaiming or tree felling to make way for solar farms.

We have about 1,000 MW of solar power under development, including the Lapua farm.

Our own solar power measuring facility

We actively monitor technology and price development in the solar power sector. We study solar energy yield at EPV’s own measuring facility in Vuorenneva, Alavus. Research is carried out under different weather conditions and with different panel types, while improving the predictability of solar power.

The solar power forecasting models developed at the facility, which has been in use since autumn 2018, are utilised in the planning of solar farms.